Gruner gets nets …. and wings!

Hahndorf Hill Winery

It’s that time of the year again! The vineyard is moving slowly towards the harvest period and the grapes have at last entered the beginning of their ripening phase. This vintage, 2011, has been particularly cool so the ripening stages are at least three weeks later than last vintage.

Hahndorf Hill Vineyard covered in a snow-storm of bird netting.

As the grapes pick up colour and sugar, so too does the interest increase from the local birds and we are therefore forced to cover the entire vineyard with bird netting to protect the grapes. The placing out of the bird netting is a tedious, costly and labour intensive process – but it’s the best way to protect the grapes from our wily feathered friends, who are great grape connoisseurs!

Larry Jacobs in Gruner Veltliner block – recently bird netted.

The Gruner block has, of course, also been netted as the pic on the left shows. I must confess, it’s extremely exciting to walk through the Gruner block and watch how the plump little bunches turn from dark pea-green berries to translucent golden-green orbs as they slowly begin to develop flavour and sugar.

As the Gruner begins its ripening phase it was quite appropriate, yesterday, to conclude a rather historic event in the Adelaide Hills. On 16th February 2011 there was the first gathering of the Adelaide Hills Gruner Grower’s Group at the beautiful cellardoor of K1 Wines. The purpose of this gathering was to initiate a regional  collaborative approach towards the development of Gruner Veltliner in the Adelaide Hills.  Already the following Adelaide Hills producers have planted this exciting new variety:

Deviation Road Vineyard
Hahndorf Hill Winery
Henschke Wines
K1 Wines
Longview Vineyards
Mt Bera Wines
Nova Vita Wines
Pike & Joyce

I want to predict that the next few years are going to be extremely exciting as more local producers start to produce wine from this amazing and versatile variety.  Gruner Veltliner has found a new home in the Adelaide Hills!

To read more about our Gruner Veltliner go to our web site

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