The earliest hint of Gruner Veltliner …

It is now mid-December and the vines are looking gorgeous. It’s a real joy to wander through the Gruner Veltliner block and to admire the beautiful green growth, the newly formed grape bunches … and to daydream. I can’t help picturing these baby little bunches being transformed – like an alchemist’s dream – into pale, golden Gruner Veltliner. The bunches are still quite young and the berries still smaller than peas, but this does not deter me from envisaging the final product.

New Gruner Veltliner at Hahndorf Hill Winery

New Gruner Veltliner bunches at Hahndorf Hill Winery

It’s a bit like a proud parent looking into the crib of a sleeping newborn bub and imagining -in full technicolour – the future potential of the little person. Perhaps a writer or a rocker – or maybe a teacher. One is allowed to dream and imagine, and in the case of the baby Gruner Veltliner bunches, I comfort myself in the knowledge that all big things have small beginnings. Like the mountain stream that becomes the Amazon. Like the fresh eggs that become the steaming soufflé. And so I permit myself the indulgence of fantasising how this GRU 2013 will be.

Speaking of GRU – I’m delighted that our vintage 2012 has been given some excellent accolades recently. It was awarded a prestigious Blue-Gold medal at the Sydney International Wine Competition and also a Silver medal at the Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2012.

Here’s wishing you all a magical Christmas and a peaceful 2013. And may all your dreams come true!


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